YO do not buy any items from Cucumbershop on eBay. It looks like pretty much all of their shirt designs are ripped off from other artists, including a shirt I designed earlier this year. I understand this kind of thing happens all the time, but the fact is, they’re making money off of creators who are getting screwed over.




bitches don’t be so full of ourselves and be thankful for people reblogging ur art (and therefore liking it and promoting it) and of course people are entitled to delete the artist comment since it’s their fucking blog and they’ll do the fuck the want with them

LOL I can’t believe how greedy and unthankful some people can be

so since this comment turns out to be real, I’ll say this:

Under your logic, anyone would be “entitled” to punch you in your face if they wanted to and you shouldn’t have a problem with it because it’s their hand and they can do whatever the fuck they want with it. That’s your screwy logic.

Also… Greedy??? Unthankful?????
Who the fuck would be thankful that some asshole decided that their input on their own artwork, that they worked hard on, wasn’t good enough for their blog?????

I don’t want anyone reblogging my art who can’t even respect me enough to leave my commentary where I put it. We put our comments there for it to STAY THERE. REBLOGGING OUR ART DOES NOT MEAN IT NOW BELONGS TO YOU AND YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU PLEASE WITH IT.

What the actual fuck is wrong with you and everyone who reblogged your shitty comment????

Please also note that the length, subject, and relevancy of an artist’s comment do not change this.

Even if you feel the comment is too long— even if you feel the piece can do without it— it is not your place to remove the artist’s comment.

Removing a comment from a piece:

  • takes away an artist’s voice
  • disembodies an artist from their work
  • may abstract needed clarity
  • may remove important notes, details, or text that adds to the piece (even if you feel it does not)
  • removes an easy link that allows people to find the artist (their username over their comment, that is)
  • is straight up disrespectful

Please stop removing comments artists leave on their work.

electricstalker said: I think that I should be able to ask most people to do a by step demonstration of how they draw things and have themshow us. A lot of artists say : "YOU CHEAP SWEARWORD IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR ART DRAW IT yourself YOU SWEARWORDHEAD. " If they don't show how they draw their style, how can one draw something themself?

Actually, I think artists are not obligated to do anything, especially for free.

Making art is a time-consuming and meticulous activity. It’s not something you can be good at overnight unless you’re some sort of art genius or something. 

A lot of artist will usually say yes if you ask for tutorial, but you still have to respect them if they say no. Making a tutorial can be tedious and time consuming, so you’re basically asking them for their time out of their busy schedule (remember artists are people too! They have school, work, friends and hobbies that occupy their time). Let’s say it takes two hours to make a tutorial, assuming they’re paid $20.22 an hour (the average rate for an illustrator in USA), that already costs them $40.44 of unpaid work. [source]

Not to mention, keep in mind a lot of artists are not comfortable when people copy their style. ^_^

My advice is to learn drawing from the already existing drawing tutorials. You can find a lot of them under tumblr tag drawing tutorial. If any of my followers have any reference tag in their blog, feel free to leave some link in this post. 

By the way, I find it really hard to learn to draw when I’m following people’s style. I feel like I’m just copying what they already have instead of making something :\ Like every drawing I made is a bad version of artist XYZ.

I think the best way to learn to draw is learn from the basics instead of striving to draw a certain style. 

So basically, I’m not saying that you CAN’T ask people for a step-by-step process tutorial, only that they’re not obligated to say yes when you do :)

Hey, sorry for the late reply. I didn’t have iPhone or iPad before so I couldn’t check. As you can see, you can use saucenao on your phone just as you do on the web. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said: I have found photos on We Heart It that I have shared on my Tumblr page through the share option found in the photo. The photos on my page all have the source that leads to the photo on We Heart It. Is this the best way to source photos found in We Heart It?

Most of the photos from We Heart It are stolen from somewhere else. It’s like a black market of stolen materials. If you share from We Heart It, the source is not the original creator, the source is We Heart It. Unless you are 10000% sure that the original artist/photographer/creator themselves upload the photos on We Heart It, do not source it from them. 

If by an off chance there’s any content on WHI that is properly sourced, I recommend bypassing WHI and posting the real source directly. 



friendly reminder tumblr updated their terms of service, and that it is now against tumblr’s terms of service to repost something without a full link back to the original (lines 86-90 if you want their exact wording)



"a memory from your lonesome past, keeps us so far apart,
why can’t I free your doubtful mind, and melt your cold cold heart”
- Hank Williams


"a memory from your lonesome past, keeps us so far apart,

why can’t I free your doubtful mind, and melt your cold cold heart”

- Hank Williams


I love this

by Mike Sketch
Please don’t reblog this post, I will reblog the original momentarily.


I love this

by Mike Sketch

Please don’t reblog this post, I will reblog the original momentarily.

hardrockangel said: It's probably already to late for the post in question, but do you have any idea how to signal-boost a post that had the artist comments & links / credit in it over the post where someone decided my comment on my art wasn't necessary to be reblogged? I tried reporting it to Tumblr-staff, but they said as the source is still "technically" there (just not visible on all tumblr-themes), they will not take action. It's currently at 10.000+ notes and over 8/10 of those are reblogs without credit...

There’s really no way to ‘take down’ a post unless you do it at the source, I think.

For example you saw your art reposted and then you file a take down notice, the whole post including all the reblogged posts will be deleted. 

But if it’s an original post and they removed the artist credit/source, I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it. :\ The source is still there, at the top corner that says source, so technically it has the ‘source’. I don’t think tumblr can take down individual reblogs (plus they don’t have a way of effectively distinguishing the posts with the artist comment and the ones without). 

What I see a lot of artists do is reblog the original (with the artist comment etc) so it’s back to the top of their follower’s dash. 

Unfortunately I don’t have any other solutions, but I’ll leave it open here in case someone has a better suggestion?

I’m sorry this happened to you btw, people who remove the artist’s comments are hella rude :(

Anonymous said: Hi! As a frequenter of several hodjpodj sites (tumblr, imgur) that rarely source content, I know that it is my responsibility to find the source if I'm interested. You are trying to making sourcing content happen, but you should know that it's not going to happen as long as it is easier to reblog something without the source than it is with. So rather than telling people to source their images, why don't you stop being a lazy fucker and write a chrome app or something that sources content? ;)

There’s already a chrome extension that finds you the source for content.

Wanting another app that will source it for you automatically is just another excuse to be a lazy fucker, I think. “Oh it’s not my fault I don’t source it, they should’ve made it automatic so I don’t even have to think about it.” “I don’t have to source it, finding a source is so damn hard.” “I’m not being lazy, it’s just easier to post it without source. The artist should understand.” (never mind that the artist spent way more time than what it takes you to repost that art)

It literally took 45 seconds for me to find a source for something, faster if I use the chrome extension. It’s already easy enough for me, another app would be redundant. It’s because people still find excuses not to do such an easy thing I call them lazy fuckers. 

Also, you can easily reblog from the source and it will leave the source intact instead of reposting it. Reblog, don’t repost. Let it be an anthem. 

I also don’t know what you mean by reblogging something without source is easier. Do you mean reposting? Do you mean saving the picture from the internet and uploading it on it’s own post is easier than clicking the itty bitty reblog button?

Because reblogging from proper source is way easy. I do it all the time literally with a click of a button. What I don’t understand is why some people go the extra step to remove the credit. Still makes me wonder sometimes.

What I think you mean by hard is going the extra step and thinking about the person behind the art, because until today you only think of the fanart as a pretty little picture, don’t you? You never think about the person making the art, and suddenly giving them credit gives them a name, a face, a recognition. Suddenly it feels hard to steal them, to repost them without a second thought. 

This wouldn’t have happened if people would learn to credit properly instead of thinking that the internet is free-for-all.