Anonymous said: I just saw this mythoughtscanvas(.)tumblr(.)com/post/74347698679/i-love-this-not-mine-no-copywrite-intended and thought you'd be interested. I'm pretty sure this blog just posts photos they like without any source at all.

Gosh that’s annoying :( Just another blog to look out for. 

My Choice, Not Yours


Remember back in January, when my photo, Judgments, went viral?

So, a couple weeks ago, a Belgian political party stole my work, and used it for their own purposes. They twisted into something completely against my morals – and called it “Freedom or Islam”

So, naturally, I flew to Belgium to stand up for myself – with help from the amazing organization My Choice Not Yours. (So yes – I’M IN BELGIUM! It’s amazing, but that’s another post.)

It bothers me that they stole my work, but it bothers me even more that the message they’re putting out is just wrong. It’s wrong to condemn people based on the clothes they wear, their religion, race, or sexual orientation. Everybody has a right to make their own choices. No person, or especially government should be able to interfere with that. It my choice, not yours.

So, to make it absolutely clear what my work is about, and to show wannabe-fascists everywhere that we will not be coerced into blind hatred – I need a little bit of your help. 

We thought up a crazy idea to extend the message of my original work: this Saturday, October 12th, my friends and I here in Brussels are going to print out a life-size version of Judgments. We’re going to go downtown, ask women of all colors and religions to take their picture next to it and post it on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr with the hashtag #mychoicenotyours.

Want to help? Here’s what you do: click here to download the poster, which prints in black-and-white on A4 paper – and take a photo next to it. Take a photo of your friends next to it. Take a photo of your grandmother next to it – and post it with the hashtag #mychoicenotyours.

Do you have an odd haircut, non-traditional style of dress, or interesting tattoo? Write “it’s my choice, not yours” on a piece of paper or your skin, take a picture and hashtag #mychoicenotyours in the name of diversity.

If you really want to be heard, join us in taking it to the street this Saturday. Print out our poster and ask people to take their picture next to it using the hashtag #mychoicenotyours. 

Let’s make it a big global statement: it’s my choice, not yours.image

Being Ripped Off


So, normally I would never ask anyone to “please like my page”, but I feel like this is very important. A (far right, historically xenophobic, and apparently neo-fascist) politial party from Belgium has stolen my art and turned it into anti-Islamist propaganda. 

"On 19 september 2013 the Flemish far right senator Anke Van der Meersch started her campaign "Freedom of Islam" in which she lends her legs for an image that - according to herself -suggests the consequences and reactions that women face regarding the length of their skirts in what she calls the "threat of Islamification of European cities"." (quote from bad English translation of Belgian article)

This, for various reasons, is really not okay with me. A few activists in Belgium have set up a Facebook page for me to raise awareness and garner sympathy, and likely get more media attention, considering my history. I’m going to do everything I can to support this.

Please consider liking this page, in support of me, and artists who have been ripped off everywhere. 

mpiked said: Followed you because of sjws slandering you. So just know you're doin it right.

Lol this is news to me.

What in the world do sjws have against properly crediting artists anyway? No matter how I think about it, it’s just common sense.



a project i literally did overnight

gonna make it a booklet…

EDIT: booklet now available in my online store!








This is the absolute BESTcomic I’ve ever read on this website.

And i just cried…so hard…



my feelings .yes to this ,all of it.this hurts

Whoa 200k notes of a reposted post. That kind of hurts in a different way.

The original post is HERE. Please don’t reblog this post because this is a repost. 

You can buy this comic and support the original artist by buying the booklet here. 

BY THE WAY! The artist omocat is also selling shirts with the Pretty Boy character and 50% of the proceeds will go to ANTI BULLYING ORGANIZATION! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

ALL THE PRETTY BOY STUFF CAN BE FOUND HERE! And you really should check it out because there’s a bunch of adorable epilogues and side stories and domestic cuties.  

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Anonymous said: Uhm, hello. What do you do when someone keeps reposting your art? I reported the art to the DCMA [sp?] and had it taken down but the reposter in the gravity falls/bill ciper/ giffany tag keeps reposting it back up in these huge masterposts with other artist's drawings and people gifs.I even told this person to take down those posts but they told me: i'm sorry for taking your art--- ''i didn't know what to post'' or ''i didn't claim it as mine'' Then deleted their reponses to me. :/

If it’s one person, you can always report that person again. After a certain amount of DMCA take down notices, Tumblr usually bans that user or close the blog.

Sorry this happens to you though :( It extra sucks when not only someone repost something of yours, they’re totally unapologetic about it. 

Also all those excuses are bogus btw -_- “I’m sorry for taking your art” is nice, succinct, apologetic. “I didn’t know what to post” is like whoa what LOL that’s not my fault, isn’t it? Why do you have to violate my copyright just so your blog can have content?

Anyway yeah, good luck with the DMCA thing :(

Anonymous said: What is the etiquette for reblogging unsourced art from someone you know didn't draw it when you can't find the actual source yourself? Is it best to just not reblog it at all?

I think it’s best to not reblog it at all. If you reblog an unsourced art, someone else will reblog the unsourced art from you, and so on until before you know it the unsourced art will have 100k notes while the artist’s own art post only got 3k. In other words, it’s better to not perpetuate the problem if you can’t find the source. 





in the tumblr tagging system, unsourced artwork is considered especially heinous. on this blogging platform, the users who source these felonies are part of an elite task force called the source your fucking artwork unit. these are their stories.



let me die


i just wanted to clarify some things

artists know the risk they are taking when they post their art online. people are inevitably going to take it apart, color edit it, flip it around or otherwise post it uncredited.

saying that an artist shouldn’t post their work if they don’t…